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Foot Care for Diabetics

Diabetes and foot care: at first glance, the two things don’t seem to be very closely associated. But for diabetics, paying attention to the feet is especially important – and that doesn’t mean simply getting a pedicure once in a while or keeping those pesky calluses buffed away. It’s a crucial issue, because the state…
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Summer Foot Care Essentials

Summer can take a toll on your feet just at the time when you’re ready to show them off! But don’t let heat, humidity, or that pair of cute-but-regrettable sandals cramp your style this season. Follow these essential foot care tips and tricks, and your tootsies will thank you! Slather on the sunscreen. Feet are…
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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Feet aren’t just feet. You can have a lead foot when you drive, be quick on your feet (even while you’re sitting down), or just keep putting one foot in front of the other; dance with two left feet or show off your happy feet. Still, despite all the expressions lavished on them, it still…
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Foot Care For People Who Stress Their Feet

Some professionals like retail sales people, medical care providers, and kitchen workers have to stand and walk on hard surfaces most of the day. People who run or walk for fun and exercise also give their feet a regular pounding. Although good foot care is important for anybody who wants their feet to feel, look,…
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