Summer Foot Care Essentials

Summer can take a toll on your feet just at the time when you’re ready to show them off! But don’t let heat, humidity, or that pair of cute-but-regrettable sandals cramp your style this season. Follow these essential foot care tips and tricks, and your tootsies will thank you!

  • Slather on the sunscreen. Feet are one of the most frequently neglected areas when it comes to sun protection, but they’re also one of the more awkward places to get sunburned. To avoid the hassle of “lobster foot,” put a good sunblock on the tops and bottoms of your feet, as well as between your toes. Not only has sunscreen been called “the only true anti-aging product,” but it could also protect you against melanoma. Make sure to find a brand that protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and go with an SPF of at least 20.
  • Treat your feet at home. Buy a pumice stone and make it part of your shower routine to slough off dead skin, which can give skin a dull appearance. For best results, soak or rinse your feet for about ten minutes in order to soften them. Keep the pumice stone away from painted nails, or the results won’t be pretty. Finally, avoid the temptation of using a callous shaver—though convenient, they can be difficult to control and may result in nicks and cuts.
  • If you get a pedicure, do your homework first. Talk to friends for recommendations, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions of the salon. A reputable business will use new files on each client, disinfect tools and utensils in an autoclave, and won’t be taken aback by your questions and health concerns. If in doubt, call ahead!
  • Moisturize! Keep your feet in top shape and free of dry skin by smoothing on a sheer and light lotion. Some creams even do double duty by exfoliating, too. For extra dry skin, try rubbing Vaseline into your cuticles and the sides of your toenails before you go to bed.

Follow these tips and your feet will be fabulous, healthy and happy!

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